Wegdekmeten.nl offers the data in the software package Horizons, developed by Yotta. Horizons is an asset management system that has been released in the UK market for 3 years now. The system is proven to support effective performance and maintenance. Users have access to the most up to date information about their infrastructure, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Through Wegdekmeten.nl, the expertise of Yotta is now available for the Dutch market. On this page you can read more about the Horizons software package. Horizons visualized asset management software turns your data into knowledge, which enable better decisions. An innovative approach allows for all of the data to be integrated, visualized and utilized. Even the data that was not used previously is now converted into knowledge that supports decisions.

Take the next step forward in asset management by an approach that focuses on the whole life process of infrastructure.
Horizons is built on the basis of tested methods that focuses on the ease of use. Deliver the best value for money by considering strategic objectives, factoring your local priorities into analysis and ensuring your forward maintenance meets the needs of the road user. Designed from the outset as a hosted solution, Horizons overcomes traditional IT issues and makes your data accessible to a wide audience wherever they are and whatever device they use.

Horizons supports decision makers by making important decisions by presenting clear, understandable reports. These reports enable you to display the outcome of the data collection in a visually compelling way. The design of the work environment of Horizons is intuitive. It's easy to use so that’s why everyone can get started right away. Horizons is built around the user and adapts to the organization rather than the other way around. This makes the step to asset management less risky than before. Also, there is no need for creating separate data files; all parts of your infrastructure assets are transferred into a single, well organised data management system. Never work with old data as the version control in Horizons is well protected.
There is also the ability to link Horizons with other systems such as GIS or Maintenance Management using the API.

Do you want to see more of the Horizons software? Here you can watch a video about Horizons or ask for the demo version.