Camera inspections
The vehicle is featured with camera equipment that can perform camera-inspections with a 360 degree camera. Read more

Reflective measurement
As the first of the European mainland has asseces to a full automatic measurementsysteem which measures the nightreflection of roadmarkings. The measures are excecuted by night and within normal traffic with a speed of max 130/km. This system measures the linemarkings and figuration marking. Read more

Noise survey
Noise surveyings are performed with help of a CPX-trailer. With this device we perform accurate and objective CPX-measurements. These measurements are part of a solid and independent survey. This survey offers intergral support by define the accoestic propertys of your pavement. Read more

Object inspections are performed by accomplished inspectors. Inspections can by performed for all disiplines like: civil, electro and mechanical. Read more 

Damage recording
Regular inspections can early imagen damages. These inspections are mostly manual by a fysic visit to a object or asset. Read more

Road Roughness
Besides the regular meausurements offers the option to measure the roughness of the road. To minimalize the chance of accidents it will be important that the road has a particular roughness index. Read more 

Falling weight deflectometer
With a falling weight deflectometer survey you can define the residuel service life calculation of a surveyed pavement. The measurements giving an accurate view of the pavementconditions and the assume the range of the pavements. Read  more

Visual inspections
Our asphalt and concrete specialsts also do visual pavementinspections. They reconize and quantify different damageses and detected these on video and photo's. Read more

Suveyvehicle performs pavementinspections with help of a special measurementvehicle. These inspections assume the conditon of the pavement. Read more

Road construction laboratory offers the posibility to get some laboratory research of your asphalt. Read more