First European deployment for UK-developed asset management platform

One of the UK’s most widely-used asset management platforms is to see its first deployment outside the country.
Yotta has expanded its global operations with the first European installations of its Horizons visualized Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) asset management platform.
Working with Wegdekmeten, the newly appointed Yotta distributor in the Netherlands, the Dutch infrastructure services company De Jong Zuurmond will roll out Horizons across a number of projects. These will include maintenance of the fourth largest sea port in the Netherlands and contracts with Rijkswaterstaat, an executive of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment.
Wegdekmeten is a specialist surveying and inspection company that works with contractors and road authorities across the Netherlands to collect and analyze infrastructure asset data, in order to provide detailed condition reports, financial projections and informed maintenance programs. The company will use the Horizons system to collate and present the detailed highway asset information that it collects, in order to assist in the planning of maintenance works and condition reporting.
“We collect data for all types of infrastructure assets on behalf of a range of clients including contractors, such as De Jong, and owners including government organizations,” explained Fred Mekken, owner of Wegdekmeten. “Working with Horizons, we can help them turn this data into information that can be easily understood, shared and used to enhance decision making across a diverse set of applications.”
Gerrit Zuurmond, CEO of De Jong Zuurmond, commented, “The environments in which we operate are complex and challenging, and our clients expect up to date, detailed and accurate reports on the services we provide and the condition of their assets. Working with Wegdekmeten, we can collect this level of data and now, using Horizons, we can interrogate and analyze the data to improve decision making and planning, and present the results in an easy to understand way.”
Since launching to market in 2012, Horizons has experienced significant growth in deployments across the UK, with customers including Highways England (formerly the Highways Agency), and numerous borough, district and county councils.
“This is the first application of Horizons outside the UK and represents a major milestone in the product lifecycle,” noted Nick Smee, Yotta’s CEO. “We already have a well-defined development path for the European market, based on the initial partnerships with Wegdekmeten and De Jong, and we are looking at a number of other opportunities around the world.”

Gepubliseerd op 19 mei 2015 bij Traffic Technology Today